Mopsy™ and MopsyTV™ and Mopsy's Storytime™ are a production of Hitch N' Go Media, LLC 2020 

The married team of Lily and Matt Edwards founded their production company, Hitch N' Go Media in North Idaho in 2020 and have been a couple for over 10 years.

They met in 2010 while working together at a live streaming network in Hollywood that was so ahead of its time, HD wasn’t even something that could be streamed live yet.  After the closing of the studio, they continued to blaze a path forward, with the goal of finding the right time to come back online.


Lily is a lifelong dancer and choreographer, holds both a degree in Art History and a Certificate of Interior Architecture and Design, both from UCLA.  She taught dance at private school in Los Angeles before joining an interior design company that catered to high-profile clients in the entertainment industry.

Matt has been a director and producer in LA for over 15 years working in television, independent film, documentaries and music videos. From 2015 - 2021 he was vice president of a nonprofit filmmaker organization developing stories, working with writers, and being executive producer on many award winning films and documentaries from a library of over 40 projects.

They currently reside in North Idaho, where they are raising three young children who just so happen to be… Mopsy’s biggest fans.